A Baker’s Dozen of new music curated by
WALT 1610 DJ Anna McGuire for your listening pleasure.

3 New Albums To Listen to This Week

The New Abnormal by The Strokes
After seven years, The Strokes are older and more mature, but well worth a listen. It may be less punchy than their earlier records but with soaring vocals and tight guitar riffs, it still is very much a Strokes album. Although, as my brother, Jack, unhappily pointed out, the song Ode To The Mets "doesn't mention the Mets even once."
Favorite Tracks: The Adults Are Talking, Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus, Bad Decisions, Why Are Sunday's So Depressing
Song For Our Daughter by Laura Marling
Laura Marling's seventh album is purposefully simple. And it works. Some of the best tracks are just strings, guitar, and carefully arranged vocal harmonies. It's the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day. Favorite Tracks: Alexandra, Strange Girl, Fortune, For You
Future Past Life by STRFKR
Future Past Life takes STRFKR in a new, more complicated direction. In classic STRFKR fashion, the album is reliant on synths and vocal modulation. But it's also much heavier on acoustic guitar. It's not just the same old electronic STRFKR anymore. 
Favorite Tracks:  Dear Stranger, Second Hand, Budapest, Pink Noise

3 New Singles To Listen to This Week

Don't Panic by Hoops
Hoops' Don't Panic is an is a refreshing take on a Coldplay song. In fact, if I hadn't learned how to play this song on the piano in 7th grade, I might have never made the connection. With a consistent driving drum beat and muted vocals, the track may be far from the original but is fun to listen to regardless. Check out the English Breakfast record to hear Don't Panic and a version of The Clientele's Reflections After Jane.
Too Late by Washed Out
In Washed Out's new single, frontman Ernest Greene's flying vocals lay over an almost 80s like drum beat (think Phil Collins) and synth track. To me, it sounds like the song you hear in a movie as the leads drive some really cool car through the city at night. You can watch the accompanying new music video (which is admittedly not my envisioned idea) for the track here
Rosebush by (Sandy) Alex G
(Sandy) Alex G gets extra jazzy on Rosebush. Tied to a piano riff throughout, the track cuts from vocal samples to strings to a killer sax solo at the tail end.  Unfortunately, Rosebush isn't available on streaming platforms quite yet, so you can find it here on YouTube (with an accompanying prose music video) instead. 

3 Online Concerts To See This Week

Sure Sure's The Home Home Tour 
Ever wanted to follow a band through  whole tour? That's now possible with LA band Sure Sure's new Home Home Tour. This week, the band will perform in various rooms in their house. You can buy tickets (10$) and get more information about the live streams on their website
Radiohead Archives
Radiohead announced this week that they will be releasing a new archived concert recording each week via YouTube. You can check out this week's release, "Live From A Tent in Dublin (October 2000)" here
Real Estate Quarantour
New Jersey's Real Estate is bringing a show live to your iPhone courtesy of VR. You can watch the band perform on an "Augmented Reality" mini stage, including some songs off their new album The Main Thing. Click this link on any mobile device or tablet to join in. It's Free Real Estate!! 

3 New Videos To Watch This Week

Kyoto – Phoebe Bridgers
While this could have just been featured as a new single this week, I felt compelled to also highlight the fun, green screen-based, music video. Spoiler Alert: Bridgers can shoot lasers from her eyes. 
Still Woozy Covers “The Less I Know The Better”
Following a song request from his fans, Still Woozy’s Sven Gamsky covers Tame Impala’s The Less I Know The Better. It takes the original and runs it straight through a bedroom pop machine. 
Angel Olsen on KEXP
The always very cool Angel Olsen joins KEXP to perform songs off her 2019 album All Mirrors. 

Anna’s Top Song This Week

Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell

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