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A Baker’s Dozen of new music curated by
WALT 1610 DJ Anna McGuire for your listening pleasure.


3 New Albums To Listen to This Week

Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee

Alabama native Katie Crutchfield excels on her fifth album, Saint Cloud. The sorta-country, sorta-folk, sorta-pop is animated and warm. It’s perfect music for sitting on your porch or taking a really slow bike ride. Favorite Tracks: Can’t Do Much, Fire, War, The Eye

Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa

In what is sure to be an instant cardio dance favorite, Dua Lipa’s sophomore album is just plain fun. Filled with samples, moving basslines, synths, and strings, it sounds like the music playing in the locker room as you wait for a spin class to start but in the very best way.
Favorite Tracks: Don’t Start Now (also a TikTok favorite), Cool, Levitating, Pretty Please

Daniel Romano’s Outfit “Okay Wow” (Live) by Daniel Romano

In his first live recorded album, Daniel Romano captures part of what makes live performances so compelling. A tight setlist allows the songs to blur together without losing any excitement or energy.
Favorite Tracks:  Toulouse, The Long Mirror of Time, Strange Faces

3 New Singles To Listen to This Week

Captain Duck by Duck Sauce

Since ending a hiatus earlier this year, Duck Sauce has been releasing singles throughout 2020. Most well known for their single Barbara Streisand, Ducksauce like to make fun, danceable tracks and Captain Duck is no exception. Perfect for your next house party on a yacht. 
  • End Summer by Goth Babe

    Off of Goth Babe’s new EP “Mt. Bachelor,” End Summer is a new direction for Goth Babe. Driven by a heavy guitar line, the track is muted compared to earlier Goth Babe singles. It’s not quite as carefree but the synths, guitar and drum machine still keep it well within Goth Babe’s wheelhouse. Plus, I like the truck and the cute dog. 

Persona Non Grata by Bright Eyes

Coming off the Better Oblivion Community Center record, Conor Oberst is back to Bright Eyes with this single. With nine years since the last Bright Eyes record, the single is a welcomed return. But I’ll be honest, this isn’t a song you’ll probably add to your summer playlist. It’s bittersweet and weighty. But it’s also classic Bright Eyes, full of (almost bagpipe like) violins and stripped down instrumentals. 

3 Online Concerts To See This Week

  • Whitney Live on Instagram 

    As a special treat, Whitney has been going live on Instagram to provide stripped-down versions of their own songs and covers. This past week, we got covers of Wilco, Blaze Foley and Dolly Parton (!!) so who’s to say what next week has in store.  Tune in next Saturday at 8 PM CST. 

  • Homeshake (& Friends)

    This past Thursday, NTS and Brain Dead sponsored an online show featuring Homeshake with Black Belt Eagle Scout and Ben Special. Luckily for us, the show has been archived on YouTube. For anyone (read: me) who has ever wanted to see Homeshake make tea and play tunes in his apartment, this is an absolute must-see. 
  • R/Indieheads Online Festival

    Head to @indie_heads this Wednesday and Thursday from 1 – 7 PM EST to see a whole series of artists perform. A detailed lineup with specific set times can be found on the r/indieheads page. Once I’m out of Zoom class, I’ll be tuning in for Ratboys and oso oso. 

3 New Videos To Watch This Week

Soccer Mommy’s Tiny Desk (from home!) 

In the first of the new NPR tiny desk home concerts, Soccer Mommy performs three songs from her March album Color Theory. It’s simple, stripped down and still a winner.

Tom Misch Covers Cranes in the Sky 

As part of a new series, Tom Misch released this exclusively guitar cover of Solange’s Cranes in the Sky. Misch will be releasing similar covers weekly. 


On an episode of Vevo CRTL, EARTHGANG gives a live version of Blue Moon off of their 2019 album Mirrorland. Check out EARTHGANG’s other CRTL performance here

Anna’s Top Song This Week

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