Meet the DJ’s

Dylan Hyman & Matt Bell: Untitled, Unmastered: The Radio Show

Sunday Nights

Matt Bell bio pic

maronEvery week, we bring you a new theme of music that ties the old and new together. It ranges from Posthumous Releases to Songs From Down Under. Join us for an hour of hand picked goodies that soothes the soul. Stay copacetic!

Noah Batke: Sylvania

Saturdays at 9 PM

Grandpa's-9710 Lydia Davis[2]

Sylvania is more than just honest music and interesting conversations. It’s an idea that by recognizing the common ground that we all share, we can still make America a better place. It’s a call to lofty ideals, hope for the future, a simple life, and love for one another. It’s a reminder that when it gets down to it, we’re all human beings, who are imperfect, but still striving to better ourselves. The mission of Sylvania is to express these concepts through music, poetry, literature, and discussion; nothing more and nothing less.

3 responses

  1. The Headbanger Hour is my favorite.


  2. Spencer Palladino | Reply

    Jackson Allen is the man. This is so bumpin


  3. Love the Blues and J.T. Allen


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