WALT 1610

Meet the DJs

Kyle Galla – Sunday, 3:00PM

Hopefully entertaining, hopefully enlightening, and most of all fun. My show will display a variety of genres, but apply special focus to the blues and some of its derivative forms. Some afternoons will feature playlists I create, with little interruption, that work as a cohesive whole around ideas, emotions, or styles. Other afternoons I will play songs and then discuss what is special about them and the artist.  Feel free to tune in!

The Pulse” with Emily Sirota – Sunday, 4:00PM

The Scratch and Sniff” with Nick Leon & Patrick Sullivan – Sunday, 5:00PM

Barefoot Radio” with Dylan Hyman – Sunday, 6:00PM

Sunday nights have never been so alive! Dylan Hyman hosts Barefoot Radio, an experiment gone groovy, where he explores the weirder side of music. During the show, people may call in and discuss whatever is on their minds or perhaps what should be on your mind. No topics are taboo here. Tune in every Sunday at 6 PM and kick off those Sunday shoes.

DisConnect” with Ryan Wessman & Chris Myers – Sunday, 7:00PM

Confessin’ the Blues” with Jackson Allen – Sunday, 8:00PM

Tune in weekly for your dose of blues and soul music from the 1920’s to today.

jazztastic voyage” with Jackson Miller & Sacha Rogosin (RIP) – Sundays, 9:00PM

a weekly nautical voyage atop the sonic waves of hip-hop, jazz, post neo-soul, pre neo-soul, post-pre-modernist-esque-OG-neo-post-musiq? come thru.

follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/jazztasticvoyage/ &

Sae-Won Kim – Sunday, 10:30PM

Don’t Quote Me On That” with Jacob Margolis – Monday, 4PM

Have you ever wanted to listen to a goofy/funny radio show about sports with an opinionated host? Well its your lucky day (every Monday) because Don’t Quote Me On That is just that… BUT MORE. The show touches on everything, from sports to what fast food restaurant is the best and is chock full of incorrect opinions, goofy games, guest commentary, and of course the catchy music you sing along to in the shower or alone in your car but are unwilling to actually admit you listen to. Tune in every Monday from 4PM to 5PM and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Oh, but don’t quote me on that last part.

Deep State” with David Samberg & Alex Debruge – Monday, 8:00PM

Jazz Man Walking” with Emery Nash – Monday, 9:00PM

Jazz Man Walking is a jazz radio hour, featuring styles from smooth West Coast to burning Hard-Bop. Track selections are aimed at making jazz more accessible as well as some deep cuts for the existing jazz heads out there. In the words of Herbie Hancock, ‘It’s not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz’

ten trillion lions” with Zane Libke – Monday, 10:00PM

THE PIPE” with Thomas Hammons – Tuesday, 4:00PM

THE PIPE will feature the best music ever made spanning across the most eclectic genres in the space-time continuum. It will flood your ears with an inescapable deluge of everything made in the military-industrial complex, just like water dripping from some rusty pipes into your sink or like resin coming through the end of another type of pipe. THE PIPE is your home for the dirtiest filth that we can legally put on radio. Godspeed.

Motown Mommas” with Anne McLendon, Jennie Goodell & Vita Dadoo – Tuesday, 8:00PM

Cheerful Melancholy” with Emre Koc – Tuesday, 9:00PM

It is not cheerful or melancholic. It is cheerfully melancholic. These songs do not belong to a genre. In this show you will hear alternative, classical, electronic, hip-hop, indie pop, jazz, latin, R&B, and reggae. This is an incredibly long span of music genres, but the songs in this show have one thing in common: how they make you feel, cheerfully melancholic.

Graceland Gumption” with Nathan Little – Tuesday, 10:00PM

Chicken Soup for the Psychedelic Soul” with Ben Caldwell – Wednesday, 5:00PM

~A journey across time and space to expand your mind and tastes~

Each week, we’ll examine a different style of psychedelic music. The show will look back at some early examples of psychedelic rock, as well as some of the more modern sub-genres around the world, such as funk, rap, folk, and pop. Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy some good vibes.

The Mo-Bro Show” with Maura Tangum & Brody McCurdy – Wednesday, 7:00PM

When you’re down and low, all you need is the Mo-Bro show.

So…what is it exactly?

A solid hour of straight-up charm, charisma and chutzpah.

When is it?
Wednesday nights at 7:00. Drop what you’re doing and listen… please.

Fun for the whole family –  our one big dysfunctional family that we called Davidson.

Alternative Listening” with Lilly Rothman – Wednesday, 8:00PM

This station, hosted by Lilly Rothman (Class of 2021) strives to provide its listeners with enriching music that encompasses stylistic elements from a multitude of genres. Many of the musical artists and bands featured on this station have yet to achieve mainstream success, but never the less, are influencing today’s music culture with their innovative compositions. The station also features music from the 70’s through early 2000’s.

Quiet Grrrl” with Woody Moore – Wednesday, 9:00PM

How do I describe/excuse the random songs that I like and want to play? If the Riot Grrrl philosophy was about girls making themselves heard by getting loud and demanding attention, the quiet grrrl philosophy is the opposite of that. It’s about paying attention to the people that aren’t the loudest in the room. It’s about being a good listener. My sad-indie-girl credentials are lacking, so we’ll see how it goes, but I’ll try to play some music that you might otherwise miss. I’ll try to find a balance between quiet and loud music, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. Lot’s of lo-fi shit to look forward to. Too many depressing songs. Lot’s of what I like to call r-strategy art, making something out of almost nothing. Weird things that I like.

NBA Talk Show” with Nabil Saad – Thursday, 3:00PM

This show will center around analysis of all recent and relevant news and topics that are dominating the NBA landscape on a weekly basis. I will go into my own opinions and predictions as well as breakdowns, reviews, and takeaways of games that were played throughout the week when they carry importance. I will also be attempting to open up the conversation to the listeners and allow call-in discussions hopefully every show if I can get this idea to pick up any steam.

The One Lane Bridge” with Anna McGuire – Thursday, 7:00PM

The One Lane Bridge is a mix of current alternative, dad-rock and early 2000’s jams. Tune in for some good music and a generally fun time.

Southern Soundscapes” with Scott Stegall – Thursday, 8:00PM

For the Culture” with Ezan Karim & Burton Owen – Thursday, 9:00PM

WALT’s first exclusive hip-hop/R&B station. But rest-assured – we don’t just play non-stop bangers. Weekly spotlights will feature up and coming on-campus artists and producers as well as musical commentary from your hosts, Burton ‘Lil Uzi Bert’ Owen and that kid that was on Kimmel that one time. SoundCloud bangers you’ve never heard. No Jumper minus the A-list celebs.

This is what you have all been waiting for: impeccable vibes, fire tracks, and hot takes.

And it’s all strictly for the culture.

Jake Carver – Thursday, 10:00PM

305 Vibes” with Kevin Gutierrez & Marcos Balsera – Friday, 2:00PM

Marcos Balsera and I are doing the show “305 Vibes” to bring some of the musical culture of Miami into the Davidson community. Music will vary from reggaeton, bachata, pop, and hip-hop.

Music & Musing” with Liam Stiefel – Friday, 6:00PM

“Music” and “Musing” gives me quite a bit of leeway, but this show will have a focus on ‘60s and ‘70s folk and folk-rock with some blues, early country and modern indie bands blended in. Some installments may explore the careers of certain artists and their influences, while others will be more free-form. Musing on Music and Davidson life will also be crucial ingredients to the blend; the exact ratio tbd.

E^2 = MC” with Evan Bille & Eddie Garcia-Alamilla – Friday, 8:00PM

After Midnight” with John Turlington & Andy-Rew Hoyle – Saturday, 12:00AM

Hosts Andrew Hoyle and Jon Turlington attempt to keep the dying flame of quality radio news broadcasting alive, being one of the last programs left standing after the fall of many news titans in the great radio fire of 1934. They comb through issues both local and national with celebrity guests each week at the ripe hour of 12:01 to 1 every Saturday morn. Start the middle portion of you weekend off with a bang with After midnight news cast and talk show.

Erin Golden – Saturday, 12:00PM

Main Street Science” with Joshua Tu & Paul Brennan – Saturday, 1:00PM

Davidsonder” with Zouzou Debs – Saturday, 2:00PM

Cordelia & Claire – Saturday, 6:00PM

On The Sunny Side Of The Street” with Katie Walsh – Saturday, 8:00PM

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