SoundCloud Spotlight (April 2016)

This month on Soundcloud Spotlight, I am featuring a musician that I promised I would cover a few months back. His name is Rainlord and he collaborates with the aforementioned Lovèn, both from San Jose, California. His follower count does not match his professionalism nor his experience. Like Lovèn, this musician focuses on combining old jazz and soul tunes with modern electronic 808’s, samples, and synths. Though similar to Lovèn, Rainlord makes his own mark, creating more personal and sentimental tracks that move the soul. He notes his influences as Nujabes, Jazzinuf, J-Dilla, Joji, Aso, and anything hip-hop. The first track I want to focus on is it happens. The title alludes to the saying “shit happens…” but resolves the conflict through its musical gestures. This track conveys a cheerful, carefree feeling but is contrasted by a depressing, underlying tone. This simplicity of the piano alongside the basic drum pattern makes this track an easy listen, but just as you thought you had it covered, samples spread throughout the song remind the listener to not take Rainlord’s music jokingly. The samples tell of boy who is in love but cannot seem to get the girl to reciprocate those feelings. I believe this track is what represents him the best. Quoting him in an interview “…Music will accompany you through any journey and help you get through many hardships.” He lives to cheer up anyone’s day and to help anyone in need through his music and his messages. The second track I would like to focus on is what I believe to be his “hidden gem”; it is called bday beat. This track currently has about 1,500 listens but I believe this track deserves more love. The opening, a sweet piano medley with a simple, bit-drum pattern behind it. The tone is again, cheerful but in a celebratory matter (the track being released for his birthday). This track reminds the listener of a youthful experience; no cares in the world. A short and simple song to go along with a simple piano pattern suits the scene perfectly. Rainlord says “I want my listeners to feel what I’m feeling through my music…”. He finds a way to bridge himself through his music to the listener to lighten the mood and make all the problems go away. Rainlord deserves more listens, and if for only one reason, it is to make your day brighter and happier. And with that, I close with his final words of the interview, “Good music, good vibes, and good times. Go with the flow and c’est la vie”.

Peace and Love,

2 responses

  1. Harriet rosenberg | Reply

    I’m on now. Can’t wait for the end of the week. Great news. Love. harriet


  2. SO SO GOOD!!!


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